CGSA. Claremore Girls Softball Association is a non profit organization. This organization is comprised of a board of local volunteers who come together for the families of our community. The Board of CGSA signs an 365 day users agreement with the city of Claremore. This agreement gives CGSA the authority to acquire the use of Pecan Park and the complete facility. This agreement also outlines the parameters in which we are to operate. Including and keeping in mind at all times the best interest of the city of Claremore in all we do. This organization exist primarily for the youth in the community and surrounding areas. Giving families a place to come out and enjoy the game of recreational fastpitch softball. That is our prime directive.

                                         Pecan Park. The giant trees of Pecan Park have provided many years of enjoyment of fastpitch softball. From the shaded stands you can watch your favorite softball team, or snag a picnic table in the shade and watch from a distance.. You can also sit at a picnic table and watch the grand kids play on the playground while basking in the cool shade of a giant trees. Sneak off to the concession to enjoy an all beef hot dog or fresh grilled juicy cheeseburger. Always a place to get out of the sun, people love Pecan Park.  Pecan Park has been a great spring board for young people. A spring board for life. as we all know recreational sports provides a tremendous opportunity for young people to learn team work, social skills, and responsibilities that will stick with them for life.  Many kids do or go on to play softball in school and college. Many of the people coming to this park grew up playing ball in this very park. Pecan Park is a great place for the family to come for some old fashion clean fun. CGSA strives to provide a Organized, clean and trouble free Facility to help encourage the interest in the game of recreational softball.


                                           ASA/USA. CGSA also provides a place to host some elite fastpitch softball competition. Returning again this year is Oklahoma Amateur Softball Association also known as USA softball, bringing with it an invitation for teams nationwide to pull up your shoe strings and meet us at the park. It could be a State Championship or a qualifier to OKC to play in the Hall of Fame stadium. Every year we will invite ASA to come to Claremore and play at Pecan Park. Its great for the community and those who live in it and around it. So again Its time to hash things out on the ball field. Teams from all around will be here to find out who is the best of the best. We will find out who has the right to be called Champions.

Thank you to all of those who help make this happen.



Sports keeps kids really involved in                          

                       a good place.                                                                                                Darby Hector